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Frequently Asked Questions

How did Goku attain Ultra Instinct?

Goku goes Ultra Instinct for the first time in episode 110 when he nearly dies due to his Spirit Bomb getting pushed back by Jiren. Meanwhile, when he couldn’t defeat the Kefla, the fused form of Caulifla and Kale, he goes Ultra Instinct again. He entered Perfected Ultra Instinct near the end of the tournament.

What are the benefits of Goku's Ultra Instinct transformation?

After reflexively transforming into the imperfect Ultra Instinct state, Goku gained a silvery blue aura with his hair reverting to its natural black color with flecks of silver that matched his now-platinum eyes. His strength and speed also significantly increased.

What is the difference between Goku's black-haired and silver-haired Ultra Instinct?

In an interview with Weekly Dragon Ball News posted to Twitter by @DBSChronicles, Toyotarou explained the difference between the black-haired and silver-haired versions of Ultra Instinct. The artist explained that Goku has black hair because "the silver-haired one cannot be maintained unless the mind remains calm."

Who can use Ultra Instinct?

Ultra Instinct is used to great effect in Dragon Ball Super in Goku's fight against Jiren in the Tournament of Power. However, as it turns out, Dragon Ball Super isn't the only place fans can witness Goku using Ultra Instinct to punish his enemies with god-like strength.

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