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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Goku turn into a Super Saiyan?

The reason why Goku will not be able to go Super Saiyan while in God form is because they differ in their use of Ki. Super Saiyan pushes out ki, from internal to outside the body. That’s why the hair grows and the body turns a golden colour when a Saiyan goes SS. The gold colour is the colour of the ki flooding out from the body.

When does Goku turn Super Saiyan?

In What Episode Does Goku Become A Super Saiyan? Goku turned to a super Saiyan in the twenty-first episode of Frieza Saga season, the ninety-fifth episode overall. The Super Saiyan Review 1. Shadowing the Legendary Saiyan Form. For many, it was hard to imagine the time Goku was unable to transform into a Super Saiyan or some higher forms like Super Saiyan 4 or Super Saiyan god. Many people gave up on him, thinking he would never be able to do it.

Is Goku the strongest Saiyan?

There were many opportunities throughout Dragon Ball Super for Vegeta to shine as the true hero. Perhaps he will finally get his shot in the next manga arc. Despite being the outright star of the show, Goku is not the strongest Saiyan out there, there are even a few other mortals that are more powerful than he is.

How strong is Goku in Dragon Ball Super?

How strong is Xeno Goku in Super Dragon Ball Heroes? Main show Canon-wise, Xeno Goku could beat most of the fighters with ease, because Xeno Goku belongs to Xenoverse, in which the weakest fighter, Chronoa, was able to hold together an infinite number of timelines, each with their own multiverse, from merging as one.

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