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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Goku Black the strongest anime villain?

While the good version of Goku is a formidable foe — it’s Goku Black, his evil counterpart in Dragon Ball Super, that is truly the strongest version of anime’s most popular hero. Why is Goku black so strong? Goku black is actually Zamasu who switched bodies with Zamasu.

Did Goku trigger the creation of Goku Black?

Starting with killing his supreme Kai master Gowasu. He did that to get the mantle of a supreme kai and be able to wield the time ring. He used the ring to gather the Super Dragon Balls and have his body switched with Goku’s which led to the creation of Goku Black.

What would happen if Goku fused with Goku Black?

So if you were to fuse Goku Black (the powered up version that existed just before he fused with Zamasu) with Goku, the result would be a being that is on full stomp level more powerful than Vegeto. For sure. There is no doubt. Black's power was absolutely oppressive.

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