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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Hei cap and a distributor?

While the HEI cap houses the coil, the Smaller Dual-Power distributor utilizes an external coil. The smaller-cap distributor is capable of supplying excellent spark while retaining a stock-ish appearance.

Is there a Hei conversion kit?

If you’d prefer to keep your engine looking stock, there are a few HEI conversion kits—such as the Pertronix Ignitor kit shown—that will fit inside your existing points distributor, where the points and condenser are mounted. This kit is essentially a Hall Effect trigger, with no external control module.

What is a GM HEI ignition?

The GM HEI, which stands for High Energy Ignition, is a breakerless, transistor- controlled, inductive discharge system. It operates in a similar fashion to the conventional points type ignition, but relies solely on a series of electronic signals to turn on and off the primary current rather than the mechanical opening and closing of points.

Can you convert a magnetic pickup to a GM Hei module?

Here's the drill. If you have an AMC, a Ford, or a Chrysler distributor with a magnetic pickup, it's really easy to convert to a standard four-pin GM HEI module. We've included a simplified wiring diagram to show you how it all comes together.

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