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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check if I have Git installed on my computer?

In order to check if you already have Git installed on your computer you can type the command git --version in the terminal. If you already have Git installed then you will see what version you have.

What is Git and how is it used?

Git is a version control system. Git helps you keep track of code changes. Git is used to collaborate on code. For new users, using the terminal view can seem a bit complicated.

What is the advantage of using Git?

The benefits of Git are many. Everyone has their own local copy of code and can work simultaneously on their own branches. Git works offline since almost every operation is local. Branches allow for flexible and simultaneous development. The main branch contains stable, high-quality code from which you release.

How can I use Git in a sentence?

Using Git with a source code management tool increases a team's productivity by encouraging collaboration, enforcing policies, automating processes, and improving visibility and traceability of work. The team can settle on individual tools for version control, work item tracking, and continuous integration and deployment.

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