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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the giant Liv flourish 1 a good bike to ride?

It’s hard to look for room for improvement on the Liv Flourish 1 (part of Giant’s women’s bike range). It comes already fitted with all the essential components you need on a bike and then some, and is a pleasure to ride. What’s the best bike for cycle commuting?

Is the giant flourish worth it?

The Giant Flourish has a cheaper version without the hub gears, but also without the dynamo hub and basket, so by the time we spec it up it'll end up roughly the same. Anyone any experience as it seems quite new and not many reviews to be found? Looks really nice and the price is good too, it's even got a basket!

Is flourish a good brand of bike?

They make a women’s line designed for comfort and function. The Flourish is a Dutch styled step-through bike, which to me felt like a hybrid, making a great moderate trail bike and a solid choice for commuting. This is a solid choice for road trips because it is so versatile.

Are Giant Bikes good quality?

Because Giant started as an OEM, their frames are top quality. Some of Trek’s bike frames even come from Giant. However, it has been reported that Giant frames aren’t stiff enough, but, again, it comes down to personal preference.

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