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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ghostery Dawn and how does it work?

Additionally, Ghostery Dawn also packs the functions of Ghostery Search, a private search engine that does not record your search history thus offering you relevant, yet objective results, unrelated to the previous keywords you looked for.

Is Ghostery dawn the best browser to block Internet trackers?

While you can block these trackers using dedicated add-ons, you also have another option, that of turning to a browser that specializes in these actions, namely Ghostery Dawn. The backbone of this browser is in fact Mozilla's Firefox, and users accustomed with it are bound to recognize the similarities.

What is Ghostery and how can I use it?

You can even install extensions and themes to enhance the appearance and functionality of your browser. The main difference resides in the integration of Ghostery, the well-known add-on that specializes in identifying the trackers from the currently accessed webpage so you can choose which ones to trust, block or restrict.

What is micromicrophone/camera mute switch in Ghostery Dawn?

Microphone/Camera Mute Switch is an advanced privacy setting offered in Ghostery Dawn. We offer our users a very convenient feature that makes it very easy to turn off your microphone and camera when the browser is asking you for access, like during a video conference call. What is HTTPS-Only Mode?

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