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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a split King-Sized Bed?

The term "split king-sized bed" means a bed set sold in halves that fit together to make a king bed. Split king may refer to the mattress, the foundation, or both; in any case, it makes the bed far more manageable when it comes to fitting it through doorways and around corners.

Is ghost bed good?

The Ghost Bed should be good for: People who like a medium-firm mattress. If you’ve tried mattresses that were called “luxury firm” or something similar, you may like this one Back sleepers. The soft part is only in the top 1.5 inches, and that’s all you really need a mattress to contour to if you’re on your back.

What is a split King adjustable bed?

The Split King Adjustable Bed is comprised of two individual bases that fit mattresses of the Twin XL size. Together, these two bases create one large, King size sleeping arrangement, which is a great choice for many reasons.

What is a split King mattress?

Great question! A split king mattress refers to either two identical mattresses placed side by side to make up one king sized mattress or a king size mattress that's split from the head lengthwise to about midway.

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