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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ghost bed good?

The Ghost Bed should be good for: People who like a medium-firm mattress. If you’ve tried mattresses that were called “luxury firm” or something similar, you may like this one Back sleepers. The soft part is only in the top 1.5 inches, and that’s all you really need a mattress to contour to if you’re on your back.

Which is bigger a king or queen size bed mattress?

The King size bed is bigger than the Queen size bed. The king measures 76 inches wide and 80 inches long and the queen measures 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. ... Even though the king mattress is bigger the queen is the more popular mattress size and outsells the queen size as much as 3 to 1.

What is a king mattress?

King Mattress. King sized mattresses may just be the ultimate in luxury. If you love to have plenty of space when you sleep, these huge mattresses are the size for you. You are able to sleep together with your partner, but not disturb one another at all. THat's because a king sized mattress is the same size as two twin beds.

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