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Frequently Asked Questions

What does ghjjf mean?

common word used on online game such as 'runescape' to describe cowardness and the will to perfrom e-sex with another male or female 'hey i almost killed that guy and he logged out of the game .. how ghjjf is that?'

How many days of C-ghjf history is available?

More than 7 days of C-GHJF history is available with an upgrade to a Silver (90 days), Gold (1 year), or Business (3 years) subscription.

What is the meaning of abcde ~ ghjdf?

ABCDE ~ GHJDF. Complete the statements? b. DC a. Since ABCDE and GH J DF are similar shapes, this implies that the angle of one point in one shape is equal to another angle of one point in the other shape. In this case, ∠H is equivalent to ∠B because they share the same relative point between the shapes.

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