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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the new Genshin Impact codes?

List of the new Genshin Impact Codes.For a reward of 160 Primogems: The code is GENSHINZHB30 and is the same for all the three servers.For a reward of 30 Primogems: NA Code: “ GENSHINMHY0M “; SEA Code: “ GENSHINMHY0I “; EU Code: “ GENSHINMHY0O “.For a reward of 30 Primogems and for 5x Adventure EXP: EU Code: “ GENSHIN1006U “; NA Code: “ GENSHIN1006A “; SEA Code: “ GENSHIN1006S “.More items...

Where to input Genshin Impact codes?

Start up Genshin Impact.In-game navigate to Settings.Select Account > Redeem Code.Input code and wait for mail to come.

How to get wishes in Genshin Impact?

How to get free wishes in Genshin ImpactDaily check in. Genshin Impact’s daily check in features plenty of free primos. ...Levelling up characters. Genshin is a game with a strong focus on its cast of playable characters. ...Spiral Abyss. The Spiral Abyss is Genshin Impact ’s set of single player challenge dungeons. ...World exploration. ...

Is Elon Musk coming to Genshin Impact?

Will Elon Musk actually come to Genshin Impact — Likely not, but, now that Elon has officially shown that he’s at least aware of the game, there may be some far-flung possibility for a collaboration. That laughing emoji, however, strongly suggests the Genshin -Elon ties go no further than Ella Musk.

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