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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Gardeur smart trousers?

An enduringly popular choice with our most discerning customers, Gardeur smart trousers come in a comfortable fit designed for a slimmer waist and leg. Made from highest quality wool flannel with a dash of elastane for added stretch and featuring a slightly tapered leg shape, side slits at the hem and convenient jetted side pockets.

Is Gardeur a men's or women's brand?

After initially specialising in trousers for men, Gardeur subsequently also developed a range for women in 1981, "Gardeur femme", in addition to its "Gardeur homme" range. Since 1993, the trouser specialist has also produced tops.

What is Gardeur's core competence?

Besides classic cuts such as the bootcut and 5-pocket designs, the trouser specialist also offers trendy 7/8 trousers and chinos for women and men. Brand philosophy Gardeur's core competence lies in trousers and jeans offering the perfect fit. The entire production process – from the creative development through to manufacture – focuses on this.

Why is Gardeur considered a specialist for trousers?

It is not without reason that Gardeur is considered a specialist for trousers. The company also considers the environment in its product innovations: the use of hybrid denim and hybrid cotton demonstrates the company's commitment to sustainable production.

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