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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gallaghers Steakhouse?

Gallaghers is the only steakhouse in New York City that grills their steaks over hickory coals. This in the New York area. All of our steaks are USDA Prime and remain in a meat locker aging room fo……

What makes Gallaghers in New York so special?

At that time, the height of Prohibition, a good stiff drink and a great steak were hard to find in New York – except, of course, at Gallaghers. New Yorkers come for the world-class cocktails and incredible steak – prime beef dry-aged for 21 days in Gallaghers’ legendary windowed meat locker.

How do I purchase a Gallaghers Steakhouse gift card?

Treat them to a NYC experience with a Gallaghers Steakhouse gift card. To purchase a gift card pease call 212.586.5000. Gallaghers is the only New York restaurant that still fires steaks the old school way – over the hickory coals that master grillers and connoisseurs love.

Does Gallagher's Steakhouse have meeting group reservations?

Enjoy the finest dry-aged beef and fresh seafood at Gallagher's Steakhouse, a New York City original since 1927. Meeting group reservations are available. For more information please contact our Special Events Manager at 702.740.6433.

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