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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the future hold for urban mobility?

Urban mobility is one of the toughest challenges that cities face; accordingly, we will see massive investment in the future. Today, 64% of all travel kilometres made are urban and the amount of travel within urban areas is expected to triple by 2050.

Is partnership the key to sustainable urban mobility?

But partnerships are the key to the ecosystems that will drive the future. The inflexibility that has characterized so much of urban mobility planning to date has plainly had its day. Mobility as a service, enabled by intelligent technologies and facilitated by partnership, is the way to true sustainability.

Is urban mobility in a state of crisis?

Arthur D. Little’s (ADL) new global study of urban mobility assesses the mobility maturity and performance of 66 cities worldwide and finds most not just falling well short of best practice but in a state of crisis.

Is hydrogen the future of urban mobility?

It obtains its energy from the chemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen. However, hydrogen filling stations are still impossible to find in many places. The urban mobility of the future is said to be turning electric, which seems a no-brainer from an environmental and health point of view.

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