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Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy furniture at Furniture Fair?

If you’re in the market for furniture, you want the best combination of style, affordable pricing, and quality. Furniture Fair is your best source for high-quality, low-priced, living room, bedroom, dining, and office furnishings in Northgate, Ohio.

Where are Furniture Fair couches made?

The thought of having something custom-made had not even crossed my mind until we walked into Furniture Fair and found out how affordable it could be! We sat on a bunch of couches and eventually picked one from the England brand, which are made in Tennessee.

Why choose Eastgate Furniture Fair?

We were at the Eastgate Furniture Fair and had a real service salesman. He went way beyond the call of duty to find the perfect chair at our price. The delivery was accurate and the drivers were very respectful of our home.

Where to buy furniture in Ohio and Kentucky?

Located throughout Ohio and Kentucky, Furniture Fair provides hundreds of pieces of high-quality furniture. No matter your space restrictions or personal style, we’re sure to have something you love. Stop in to one of our many today to learn more!

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