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Frequently Asked Questions

Are REITs a good investment?

One good reason to invest in REITs is due to the fact that they pay dividends. Often, the dividend yields on REITs are fairly generous. So, you can build a regular income stream, in addition to the hope of capital appreciation from the shares that you hold.

Is Fundrise a REIT?

Fundrise, which is a type of REIT, is an online platform that allows investors to purchase shares of real estate interests. Through Fundrise, investors are able to diversify their portfolio, adding low-cost real estate investments without the hassle of buying, renovating or managing those properties.

What are Fundrise dividends?

In short, Fundrise eREIT dividends are the payment of your share of the income that your Fundrise eREIT investments generated during the prior quarter from sources like loan interest and rental payments. Unsure what that means? Let's break it down further: Dividends are generally the distribution of income earned from investments.

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