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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Benigno fronsaglia?

Following the viral video, social media users identified the man in the video as Benigno Fronsaglia. He is the President of Meeting International and Managing Partner of EMU USA. He is an entrepreneur, consultant, and real estate professional. However, Benigno deleted all of his social media accounts including his Twitter and LinkedIn.

Who is Benigno fronsaglia Ramen racist?

Benigno Fronsaglia is an entrepreneur who works for Meeting International. It is a company associated with the events business. Moreover, Benigno is currently known as the ramen racist on social media. The footage of him abusing an Asian employee in a restaurant in Florida has gone viral and people are talking about him across the internet.

Did Benigno fronsaglia delete his social media accounts?

Apparently, the man has deleted all his social media handles including Twitter and LinkedIn. "Don't worry Benigno Fronsaglia, it won't last forever. But, it will definitely last long enough for all your family, friends and business associates (and all their friends & family) to see what a racist POS you are.

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