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Frequently Asked Questions

Is "Friday the 13th" based on a true story?

"Friday The 13th" is the story of a group of teenagers who are stalked and murdered while trying to reopen a summer camp at Crystal Lake. But the shocking truth is that the film is based on the real life murders of three teenagers at Lake Bodom, Finland.

What's the story with Friday the 13th?

What is the story behind Friday the 13th? The superstition may have also arisen in the Middle Ages, "originating from the story of Jesus' last supper and crucifixion" in which there were 13 individuals present in the Upper Room on the 13th of Nisan Maundy Thursday, the night before his death on Good Friday.

How much is Friday the 13th game?

$2.99 Game and Legal Info Friday the 13th: The Game will strive to give every single player the tools to survive, escape or even try to take down the man who cannot be killed.

What is the Friday the 13th game?

Friday the 13th: The Game is a semi-open world third-person survival horror game set in the fictional camp of Crystal Lake in the Friday the 13th franchise.

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