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Frequently Asked Questions

How many players is Friday the 13th game?

Friday the 13th: The Game is a semi- open world third-person survival horror game set throughout the 1980's in a variety of locations in and around the fictional Camp Crystal Lake from the Friday the 13th franchise. The game is an asymmetrical multiplayer video game, with up to eight people able to play in one game session.

Who played Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th?

Jason Voorhees. Jason Voorhees is a fictional character from the Friday the 13th series of slasher films. He first appeared in 1980s Friday the 13th, in which he was portrayed by Ari Lehman.

How to play Friday the 13th for free?

Play Friday the 13th game online in your browser free of charge on Arcade Spot. Friday the 13th is a high quality game that works in all major modern web browsers. This online game is part of the Arcade, Retro, Emulator, and NES gaming categories.

Can You crossplay Friday the 13th?

Friday the 13th Crossplay is a new game that you can play with your friends and family. It’s like going back in time! You’ll be able to get together, make memories from when we were all young adults just

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