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Frequently Asked Questions

What did Frequency Therapeutics announce at an R&D event?

On Tuesday, during an R&D event day, the company unleashed a slew of announcements that add context to the development of a flagship hearing loss drug, and proposed some directions. Founded in 2015, Frequency Therapeutics has focused on a regenerative medicine approach to hearing loss.

How did sopuch learn about Frequency Therapeutics?

Then Sopuch learned about a biotech company called Frequency Therapeutics. The company advertised a clinical trial for an early-stage drug being tested to treat sudden hearing loss.

What is frequency's hearing research?

Frequency’s hearing research focuses on cochlear restoration and auditory repair, and its lead asset, FX-322, is a small-molecule product candidate that is the first to show statistically significant and clinically meaningful hearing improvements in clinical trials for sensorineural hearing loss.

Is frequency's FX-322 a good candidate for hearing loss?

On Tuesday, the company made several announcements regarding its FX-322 — its drug candidate for hearing loss. Frequency highlighted pooled data from early trials suggesting the product has lead to clinical benefits, and suggested that a Phase 2 study’s discouraging results were due to poor study design.

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