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Frequently Asked Questions

What are single IC oscillators and frequency generators?

The generation of signals is a basic requirement for a wide variety of applications, thus a number of manufacturers produce a selection of single IC oscillators and frequency generators. Some of these tend to work in the range below 1 MHz and usually require some form of external resistor/capacitor network to set the operating frequency.

Why is a flashing light the same as an ICS frequency generator?

Because there is a famous story a flashing light to save energy and external devices. But in fact, it can also be the same ICs frequency generator. Because the LED flash by voltage as The output voltage time to time, thus creating a virtual frequency out there. As the circuit in Figure 1 can be made out in the frequency range of 100 Hz to 10 KHz.

How to vary the output frequency of the signal generator?

For example: if S1 is at X10 position and R1 is varied over the full range, then the out frequency from signal generator is from 10Hz to 100Hz. Similarly if the switch is at X100, then the output frequency is from 100 Hz to 1000Hz. Vary the 5 Kohm Pot connected to the op-amp and can be used to vary the signal amplitude.

What is a universal frequency generator?

This circuit is an universal frequency generator which you can use in numerous frequency and time period testing applications. It is primarily well suited for a gate pulse generator in frequency counters.

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