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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most powerful frequency healing generator on Earth?

Hook this up to your PC running Spooky 2 software and you have the most powerful and versatile frequency healing generator on Earth. Our Wave Dividers technology enables carriers, modulators, and harmonics to be mathematically mixed into a single output. And both outputs can be combined into one single coherent discrete signal.

How does frequency healing work?

When exposed to higher frequencies, such as those found in frequency healing, the human body is stimulated to heal itself. On the flip side of that, if the human body is exposed to constant low-frequency noises, they can develop negative symptoms as a result.

What is a frequency generator?

Frequency Generator. 20,000,000Hz Frequency Generator. A frequency generator, referred to by some as a "Rife machine", is a research instrument used by practitioners, clinical researchers, and private researchers alike, in an attempt to influence the body in making chemical changes by using bio-frequencies, or "sound waves".

Can I use any carrier healing frequency?

So, you can use any carrier healing frequency you like, and modulate with straightforward amplitude modulation. And you're not limited to a simple square wave - you can do this with all 23 Spooky 2 waveforms.

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