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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the formula for frequency density?

Frequency density = frequency ÷ class width. A histogram is usually drawn when you have continuous data and the groups in the frequency table are of unequal size. To draw a histogram you will need to work out the frequency density. The frequency density can be calculated by using the following formula: Frequency density = frequency ÷ class width.

How to calculate frequency density in statistics?

frequency density = frequency class width. frequency density = frequency class width. It gives the frequency per unit for the data in this class, where the unit is the unit of measurement of the data. This allows for a meaningful comparison of different classes where the class widths may not be equal.

How do you calculate density and relative density?

How do you calculate the relative density of a species? Density is calculated as the total number of individuals of a species. Relative density is calculated by dividing the density by the sum of the densities of all species, multiplied by 100 (to obtain a percentage).

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