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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 18 funniest French sayings about food?

The 18 Funniest French Sayings About Food. 1 c’est la fin des haricots. Before, “beans” were the last food remaining when everything else was gone. So when it was the “end of beans”, there was ... 2 avoir du pain sur la planche. 3 avoir la pêche. 4 pleurer comme une madeleine. 5 ramener sa fraise. More items

What are some idioms for animals in French?

French Idioms Using Animals. 1 1. Poser un lapin à quelqu'un. Literal translation: to put a rabbit on someone. Figurative translation: to stand someone up (usually used in the ... 2 2. Il fait un froid de canard. 3 3. On n'a pas élevé les cochons ensemble. 4 4. Appeler un chat un chat. 5 5. Revenons à nos moutons. More items

What are some of the most obscure French idioms?

This must be one of the most obscure French idioms. Even so that it is said that "les carottes sont cuites" was used as a code during the war. In any case, both these idioms may be explained by the fact that the food they refer to "carrots" and "beans" are cheap, and are the last resort food. If there is none left, it's starvation.

Is it necessary to learn idioms in French?

As a French learner, it is then necessary (and fun) for you to learn them. Some 'expressions françaises' ( that's how French call idioms, which translates to "French expressions") have easy-to-guess meaning. And some are so quirky that you can't possibly know without learning them first or asking a French native.

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