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Frequently Asked Questions

How many perfect NCAA Tournament brackets are left?

So with that, per ESPN’s David Bearman, there are only two perfect brackets left as we get into the evening window of Day 2 of the 2022 NCAA tournament. Through 24 games, we have 2 perfect brackets out of 17.35M

How many ACC teams will reach the NCAA Tournament?

There are five teams from the ACC in the NCAA Tournament. Notre Dame (At-Large Bid) – No. 11 seed in West Region (First Four) Here are the odds for each ACC team in the NCAA Tournament to win the national title via WynnBET:

How to fill out a tournament bracket?

Fill out your bracket -- Pick a winner for every game of each round, with those winners facing off in each subsequent round, until only one team remains. That's your champion. Don't forget the tiebreaker: predicting the final score of the championship game; click "Submit"

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