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Frequently Asked Questions

What are LOL dolls?

The newest toy to come under fire is an LOL Surprise doll. These dolls are incredibly popular among children, and every little girl (and some boys) want to get their hands on them. They seem fairly innocent, and a child will end up with a little doll they can dress and play with. A lot of the dolls have interacting features that include water.

What is a LOL doll?

An LOL doll is a small doll that comes with her own accessories inside a layered surprise ball. The ball LOL dolls come in is layered so that children peel off each layer to get to the doll in the center. Each layer is filled with different items.

Where to get Lol dolls?

As trendy toys often do, the L.O.L dolls have sold out in most toy stores. They are sold in singles or sets, and will vary with each series. Since the dolls are collectibles, it may be easier to find some versions than others. You can find single Series 1 L.O.L Surprise dolls at Best Buy or on Ebay from resellers ranging in price from $10 and up.

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