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Frequently Asked Questions

How many questions are in the framework homeownership class?

Has anyone else taken the Framework Homeownership class ... The class is broken down into 7 sections with an 8 to 10 question quiz for each section. You have to have an average score of 80% to pass the class and have 3 attempts to retake each quiz for a higher score.

How many points is a 90% in a framework matching quiz?

Answer Key to Framework Matching Quiz A 90 percent+ B 80... Answer Key to Framework Matching Quiz Each correct response is worth 12.5 points for a total possible point total of 100. After taking the quiz, go through the answer key and score your responses. Once you have done so, add your points together to obtain your final total.

Is framework worth the $75 to take?

Based on my limited knowledge and basic understanding, it feels like its probably worth the $75 and 2.5 hours-ish to learn about the process of this massive loan we're about to take on. AMA. I haven't worked with Framework, but I have consulted on and written exam questions for several similar homeownership education courses across the country.

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