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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is framework so important for first time homebuyers?

This is why Framework is such an important resource for first time homebuyers. Our only agenda is to provide the critical, unbiased, and up-to-date information people need to make confident decisions at every step of the homeownership journey.

How many people has framework helped into their first homes?

"That class was a game-changer! Immediately following, my mindset quickly changed because I realized that we were playing the game all wrong." Has Helped Over 1 Million People Into Their First Homes! "Framework empowers homebuyers with the information they need to make smart home purchases and prepares them for owning and maintaining their homes."

Is framework worth the $75 to take?

Based on my limited knowledge and basic understanding, it feels like its probably worth the $75 and 2.5 hours-ish to learn about the process of this massive loan we're about to take on. AMA. I haven't worked with Framework, but I have consulted on and written exam questions for several similar homeownership education courses across the country.

Are first-time homebuyers prepared for the challenges ahead?

Each year, millions of people enter the market to buy a home unprepared for the challenges ahead. Sixty percent of first-time homebuyers feel unprepared for the process — and don't know which questions to ask.

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