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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Foxit Reader free to download?

It is important to note that Foxit Reader is free to download and use. Other features of the program are behind a paywall such as the ability to edit PDF files. In addition, the Foxit Reader has a limit as to what PDF files it can fully open since it cannot read specific scripts or formats.

What features does Foxit Reader offer?

Conclusion paragraph: Foxit Reader is a PDF reader that allows you to annotate and edit PDFs. It also has a few security features, like password protection and document encryption. Overall, it’s a fairly basic PDF reader with some added functionality for annotation and security.

What operating systems is Foxit Reader compatible with?

Foxit works with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Linux and Mac. There are no special downloading requirements. If you have any problems, there is a user guide that can help you through the process. So, if you want a safe, accessible, and fast PDF reader that won’t break the bank, give Foxit Reader a try.

How often does Foxit Reader update?

FoxIt updates its software regularly, usually more than once per year, but the company does not always adhere to a fixed release schedule. Updates are most common when many users ask for particular features, or for features in the newest versions to be removed.

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