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Frequently Asked Questions

What is FoundationOne®CDx?

Intended Use Statement For prescription use only. FoundationOne®CDx is a qualitative genomic sequencing test for advanced cancer patients with solid tumors and analyzes 324 genes. It is intended to help doctors identify which patients may benefit from treatment with certain therapies or through clinical trials.

What is FoundationOne Liquid?

FoundationOne Liquid is the first and only liquid biopsy test to show prospective clinical utility in a global, registrational trial for patients with newly diagnosed, metastatic non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).

How do I get my foundation one bank statement?

Open a Personal Account Open a Business Account Bank from Anywhere. We’re always one click or tap away! Enroll in Business Online Banking eStatements Are Here You can now receive your Foundation One Bank statement electronically, either by email or through online banking. Learn More Banking with us just got easier!

What is FoundationCore®?

More Than Numbers Our unique knowledge base, FoundationCore®, is one of the world's largest cancer genomic databases. It is designed to evaluate the genomic landscape across cancer types to better understand tumor biology, molecular biomarkers, and which treatments might work for which patients.

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