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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find information about FoundationOne® Liquid CDX?

FoundationOne® Liquid CDx Technical Information Foundation Medicine, Inc. 150 Second Street, Cambridge, MA 02141 Phone: 617.418.2200 1 Intended Use

What is FoundationOne®CDx?

FoundationOne®CDx (F1CDx) is a broad companion diagnostic (CDx) test for eight tumor indications. In addition to use as a companion diagnostic, F1CDx provides cancer relevant alterations that may inform patient management in accordance with professional guidelines.

What is the clinical validity of FoundationOne®® f1cdx?

Clinical validity of FoundationOne®CDx (F1CDx) as a companion diagnostic used for identifying patients with advanced NSCLC who may be eligible for treatment with Gilotrif®(afatinib), Iressa®(gefitinib), or Tarceva® (erlotinib) was established by retrospectively testing 282 samples from NSCLC patients.

How stable is blood in FoundationOne Liquid CDX cfDNA BCT?

These results demonstrate that blood is stable in the FoundationOne Liquid CDx cfDNA BCT when stored between 4°C and 35°C for up to 15 days, in an upright or inverted position. Additional data will be generated to further evaluate whole blood stability and potential interference of the blood collection tube cap. 10.3 DNA Extraction

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