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Frequently Asked Questions

What is FoundationOne®CDx?

Intended Use Statement For prescription use only. FoundationOne®CDx is a qualitative genomic sequencing test for advanced cancer patients with solid tumors and analyzes 324 genes. It is intended to help doctors identify which patients may benefit from treatment with certain therapies or through clinical trials.

What is a foundation CDX test?

FoundationOne CDx is a test for people with any type of advanced cancer. It uses comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP) to search 324 genes for cancer-relevant mutations in the DNAof your tumor. The results of the test may help you and your doctor explore treatment options.

Does Medicare cover FoundationOne CDx?

† Medicare and Medicare Advantage members have coverage of FoundationOne CDx in accordance with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) national coverage determination (NCD) criteria. ‡ Tarceva® is the registered trademark of OSI Pharmaceuticals, LLC.

What is Foundation Medicine and genomics?

Foundation Medicine is a clinical tumor testing company that works with doctors and patients to improve treatment plans for cancer diagnoses. Thinking about genomics in a broader sense, many people are interested in understanding what their genes say about them and their predisposition to disease, like cancer.

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