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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Foundation Medicine?

About Foundation Medicine Inc. Foundation Medicine, Inc. develops cancer diagnostic technology. The Company offers cancer genomics laboratory tests enabling the personalization of cancer treatments. Foundation Medicine serves the biomedical sector in the United States.

Is Foundation Medicine a delisted company?

Notice: This company has been marked as potentially delisted and may not be actively trading. Foundation Medicine, Inc. provides various molecular information products in the United States.

What is Foundation Medicine and genomics?

Foundation Medicine is a clinical tumor testing company that works with doctors and patients to improve treatment plans for cancer diagnoses. Thinking about genomics in a broader sense, many people are interested in understanding what their genes say about them and their predisposition to disease, like cancer.

How much does a foundation medicine test cost?

The Foundation Medicine tests cost between $5,800 and $7,200. The company however claims that the cost for the test is billed directly to the patient’s insurance agency. While they accept all insurance, they are not in-network for all companies.

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