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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Foundation Medicine?

PATIENT INFORMATION HERE. Foundation Medicine, The Molecular Information Company, is connecting physicians and their patients to the latest cancer treatment approaches and making precision medicine a reality for thousands. Our portfolio of genomic tests is the leading platform for comprehensive genomic profiling.

How do I submit a form to foundationmedicine?

Completed forms and associated attachments can be submitted via email to [email protected] or via fax to +1 (617) 418-2290 If sending a solid tumor specimen, Foundation Medicine can complete the specimen retrieval process if requested on the order form (complete pathology lab information must be provided).

How do I access my Foundation Medicine test report?

Foundation Medicine test reports can be accessed as soon as results are ready via our digital reporting portal or our mobile app – log in or sign up for a Foundation Medicine account or download our iOS app to obtain access.

How do I order a foundation medicine kit?

Only physicians appropriately licensed in the United States may request a Foundation Medicine kit through this page. If you’d like to order additional kits, have any questions, or are based outside of the United States, please contact client services at +1 (888) 988-3639 or [email protected]

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