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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Foundation Medicine?

PATIENT INFORMATION HERE. Foundation Medicine, The Molecular Information Company, is connecting physicians and their patients to the latest cancer treatment approaches and making precision medicine a reality for thousands. Our portfolio of genomic tests is the leading platform for comprehensive genomic profiling.

How are Foundation Medicine's genomic profiling services supported?

Our services are supported by a large and growing body of clinical evidence with over 500 publications since the founding of Foundation Medicine. 15-16 The validations of Foundation Medicine's comprehensive genomic profiling services are published in top-tier peer-reviewed journals. 4-7

What is FoundationOne Liquid?

FoundationOne Liquid is the first and only liquid biopsy test to show prospective clinical utility in a global, registrational trial for patients with newly diagnosed, metastatic non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).

What is FoundationOne CDx?

Overview What is FoundationOne CDx? FoundationOne CDx is the first FDA-approved tissue-based broad companion diagnostic (CDx) that is clinically and analytically validated for all solid tumors.

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