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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Foundation finance company?

Foundation Finance Company (FFC) provides both prime and subprime installment loan and revolving credit financing for dealers and retailers in a variety of industries, including home improvement and water treatment. FFC also purchases and services retail financing portfolios.

How do I make payment at Foundation finance?

Make Payment At Foundation Finance we offer several different ways to help making payments easier. We currently accept payments by checking or savings account. Don't hesitate to call us with questions - 855-241-0024 option 2.

What is your newest favorite feature about Foundation finance?

My newest favorite feature is the 15-year loan terms. This is going to help us out tremendously. We've used Foundation Finance for a year and always appreciate the flexible loan product offerings and options. I recommend FFC for their high approval rates, exceptional customer service, user friendly loan portal, and competitive dealer rates.

How do I contact Foundation Fi customer service?

Please reach out to us by phone (855-241-0024) or by email at [email protected]… and we can provide the exact information for your account. So the pandemic game I got 4 months behind on my payment my bad.

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