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Frequently Asked Questions

How can we foster an effective energy transition?

Fostering Effective Energy Transition 2022 Edition 18 The window of opportunity to prevent the worst consequences of climate change is closing fast. It is essential to make the energy transition robust by building the necessary enablers that will keep the transition going if the economic and energy security context deteriorates.

Who is involved in the energy transition in 2022?

In 2022, we united the full energy transition value chain. Here’s a snapshot of those involved: Representatives include: Chief Executive Officer President, North America Chief Strategy Officer Head of Innovation Chief Sustainability Officer VP, Energy Transition Minister for Energy Assistant Secretary Mayor Chairman for U.S. Energy

What are the energy affordability and security challenges of 2022?

Fostering Effective Energy Transition 2022 Edition 15 Energy affordability and security challenges reinforce the need to supercharge the transition by accelerating investments in the “new” (decarbonized) energy system and embedding more efficient energy consumption habits in post-pandemic societies.

What is the Energy Transition Index?

The Energy Transition Index (ETI) has benchmarked the progress of countries’ energy transition for a decade on the three dimensions of the energy triangle – economic development and growth, energy security and access, and environmental sustainability – and on the enabling environment for transition.

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