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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of formation?

Formation is defined as an arrangement, the way something is arranged or a coming together. An example of a formation is group of soldiers marching as a group. An example of a formation is a set of rocks that has lasted through the centuries.

What does it mean formation?

1. the act of giving or taking form, shape, or existence. 2. something that is formed. 3. the manner in which something is formed or arranged. 4. a. a formal arrangement of a number of persons or things acting as a unit, such as a troop of soldiers, aircraft in flight, or a football team.

What is formation process?

Formation Process. Formation is a time to come to deeper self knowledge and growth, a time to deepen one's relationship in God, grounding oneself and discovering God's love for oneself. Formation involves learning discernment as a way of life.

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