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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an example of a Forkner?

For example Forkner "f" starts with a straight downward line (rather than the traditional left-to-right swoosh before the downward line). "P" is written in a single stroke starting at the bottom. Within the body of a word, experienced users may omit vowel markings when a word would be legible without them.

Who is Peter Forkner?

Mr. Forkner is accused of deceiving the Federal Aviation Administration and of “scheming to defraud Boeing’s U.S.‑based airline customers to obtain tens of millions of dollars for Boeing,” the Justice Department said in a statement.

What is formatforkner shorthand?

Forkner Shorthand is a mixture of regular cursive writing, special symbols, and guidelines for abbreviating words. Most students can triple their handwriting speed by learning Forkner.

Who is Mark Forkner and why does he matter?

At the time, Mr. Forkner was Boeing’s chief technical pilot, a senior position responsible for the company’s interaction with the F.A.A. group that determined what kind of training pilots would need before flying the Max.

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