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Frequently Asked Questions

How to reset your forgotten Apple ID?

Part 1: Retrieve Your Apple ID with Email Id or Security QuestionsFrom any device go to the webpage of iforgot Apple id ( ).Enter your Apple Account ID, usually the email address registered as your Apple or iCloud account.Choose “I have to Reset my Password” and click the “continue” option.Select “Get an Email.” Apple will send guidelines to the email address you give.More items...

Can't Remember my Apple ID?

From your Apple ID account pageGo to your Apple ID account page and click Forgotten Apple ID or password.When asked to enter your Apple ID, click "Look it up".Enter your first name, surname and email address. If you enter the wrong email address, you can try again with a different one.

How do you find forgotten Apple ID password?

The steps are:Head over to this link to initiate the password retrieval process. ...Middle of the page loaded, there’s an email address box with a placeholder ‘[email protected]’. ...Options for ID verification would show up on screen. ...After the verification method is properly done, user will be guided through their new password retrieval method.

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