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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a Ford Credit online payment?

To make online payments to Ford Credit, visit the Ford Credit website to register a new account with the Account Manager service or to sign in to a pre-existing account, advises Ford Credit Motor Company. From the Account Manager menu bar, select Payment Options to make a single payment or to register for automatic monthly payments.

Can you buy a new Ford on credit?

Buying a new Ford on credit is certainly possible, but many people there will see the prospect of buying a new car as one that immediately loses them a certain amount of money, purely in terms of depreciation on the vehicle.

Where do you send payments to for Ford Motor Credit?

Ways to Pay Online. To make or schedule a single online payment, sign in to Account Manager and press "Make a Payment" under the Payments tab. Telephone. You can use our automated service to make your payment via telephone. ... Mail. Mail your check along with your payment invoice to the address listed on your invoice. ... Payroll Deduction. ... Wire Transfer. ... Combined Billing. ...

How to pay your Ford Credit Bill?

Pay My Ford Credit Bill Online Mobile Payments. Now you make your payments right from your mobile device, making it easier than ever to stay on top of things. Telephone Payments. ... Payroll Deduction. ... Combined Billing. ... Mail Payments. ... Other Payment Options. ...

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