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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you apply for Ford service credit card?

You apply for the Ford Service Credit Card by visiting a participating Ford dealership. Applications for the card are made in person, and not online, according to the Ford website. Approval is given within minutes of the application, pending qualification.

How do I pay my Ford Credit Card Bill?

Pay by phone: Customers can pay your Ford Credit bill by calling 1-800-334-1161. The payment is deducted from your checking or savings account.

What is a Ford service credit card?

The Ford service credit card is operated by Citibank and differs from the Ford Credit program, a financing plan covering new vehicle purchases. Applications for the Ford Credit program are also made through the dealership, as well as online, via the Ford website.

What is Ford service credit?

Review: Ford Service Credit Card. Ford dealerships offer a Ford Service credit card that customers can use to pay for repairs as well as parts and accessories, tires, extended service plans and more. The card, offered in partnership with Citibank, is offered only through participating Ford dealerships, so if you want to apply, you’ll need to visit a dealership for an application.

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