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Is the line dance in Footloose real or fake?

Finally, there’s a very popular line dance called Slappin’ Leather that was choreographed for the original song of the same name as the movie. I’m guessing this has led some to think that line dance is the one in the movie. but it is not! The line dance in Footloose is Fake ID!

How many different versions of Footloose are there?

Next, it might be confusing, simply because there is a line dance called Footloose. And as with many popular songs, there will always be choreographers that will create their own line dance for a given song. Footloose is no different! There are (when I counted) about 21 versions!

Who sings the soundtrack for Footloose?

2011 Footloose Original Soundtrack: (In order of occurrence) Song Artist Movie Scene Footloose Blake Shelton Title and kids driving off Where the River Goes Zack Brown Ren MacCormack coming into town Walkin’ Blues CeeLo Green Car repair scene Bang Your Head Quiet Riot Car repair scene 7 more rows ...

What are the differences in dance scenes between the two movies?

I think the main difference in dance scenes between the two movies would be the scene that features the line dance Fake ID. In the original, the music heard is Hurt So Good and Footloose. In the new movie, the scene is far more developed with the much more choreographed dance scene featuring the line dance Fake ID to the Big and Rich song Fake ID.

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