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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Foothills Trail in South Carolina?

Foothills Trail Interactive Map The Foothills Trail stretches from its western terminus in Oconee State Park (Oconee County, SC) and extends north for 77 miles to Table Rock State Park (Pickens County, SC).

Why Plan a foothills hike?

Planning a hike? View current trail conditions and closures. “Not only does the Foothills Trail offer a superior hiking experience (Backpacker magazine rated it as “one of the best long trails [fifty plus miles] in the country”), it also provides access to some spectacular waterfalls for sightseers and photographers….”

How accurate are the Foothills Trail Conference's maps and Trail descriptions?

Please note that while the Foothills Trail Conference has endeavored to make all maps and trail descriptions as accurate and reliable as possible, they should be considered informational only. Information regarding the degree of difficulty of trails is general and subjective.

Is there a GPS on the Foothills Trail?

In the fall of 2020, hiking enthusiast, Andrew Gleason, thru-hiked the entire Foothills Trail for the purpose of obtaining GPS locations along the way. He spent months compiling the data and created a user-friendly google map to help other hikers plan the best route for their journey.

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