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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the positions of a football player?

Positions Pos Meaning QB Quarterback RB Running back HB Halfback TB Tailback 68 more rows ...

What are the different safety positions in the NFL?

Safety (S) – There are two S positions: The Strong Safety (SS) and the Free Safety (FS). The strong safety is usually, well, strong, and fast. They are usually responsible for covering TEs, RBs, and WRs and playing down the field but are often expected to come up in run support.

What are the critical positions on a football offense?

A runner can carry the football, or a quarterback can pass the ball to a receiver to gain yardage. Here are the critical positions on a football offense: The quarterback is the “general” – and the most important player – of the offensive team.

How do you abbreviate Kickers in football?

Any kicker may be symbolized by a K. More often, place kickers are abbreviated with PK and punters with a P. You can use KR to designate a kick returner, or to be more precise, use KOR for a kickoff return specialist and PR for a player who returns punts.

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