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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the defensive formations in football?

Defensive formations. Two defensive linemen (DE), usually consisting of one superior pass-rusher and a rugged run-defender Cover two: The cover two, a 4-3 zone defense, is designed to stop short passes. Rather than cover receivers man to man, the defensive side of the field is divided into zones, with each zone the responsibility of a safety,...

What are the defensive line positions in football?

The defensive positions in football can be grouped into three general categories: defensive linemen, linebackers and defensive backs. Defensive linemen generally are aligned the closest to the ball, along the line of scrimmage, as exemplified by the players in white jerseys in the photo below.

What is the defense position in football?

The defensive team in American football is the team that does not have possession of the ball and is trying to keep the other team's offense from scoring. There can be 11 players at various positions on the field for the defense on a play, just as there can be for the offense.

What are the best football positions?

There are five positions that make up the offensive line: The center - In the middle of the offensive line, the center snaps the football to the quarterback. Right and left Guard - these are the two offensive linemen on either side of the center. Right and left Tackle - the two offensive linemen next to the guards.

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