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What are the 10 most important positions in football?

Football Positions Ranked By Importance 1 Quarterback (Offense) 2 Left Tackle (Offense) 3 Center (Offense) 4 Middle Linebacker (Defense) 5 Safety (Defense) 6 Defensive End (Defense) 7 Wide Receiver (Offense) 8 Tight End (Offense) 9 Cornerback (Defense) 10 Running Back (Offense) More items...

Which position is the most important in the NFL in 2015?

Ranking each position's importance, from quarterback to returner. 1 1) Quarterback. There's no disputing the importance of the position in 2015. The quarterback is not only the team's biggest decision maker, but his ... 2 2) Designated pass rusher 1 (RDE/ROLB) 3 3) Left tackle. 4 4) Left cornerback. 5 5) Wide receiver 1. More items

Is the quarterback the most important position in football?

Most all young aspiring football players have at least dreamed about playing quarterback and being the star of their team. Many times the quarterback does indeed get a lot of attention and many times the quarterback is one of the better athletes overall on the entire team.

Who are the most important players in football?

Football is the ultimate team game, but all positions are not created equal. Given the pass-happy nature of today's NFL, quarterbacks are clearly the most important players in the game, due to their responsibilities and direct impact on the outcome. What about the other players on the field?

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