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Frequently Asked Questions

What is FlyerTalk?

FlyerTalk is a living, growing community where frequent travelers around the world come to exchange knowledge and experiences about everything miles and points related. FlyerTalk Forums FlyerTalk Forums

Is FlyerTalk still a popular points and miles Forum?

Yes. FlyerTalk was one of the world’s largest forums when I got into points and miles as a hobby was trending then, and its continued to soar. The data shows that hindsight proves miles related sites overall grew a ton over the last decade.

What happened to flyflyertalk?

FlyerTalk was the center of the miles and points universe. However, it was bought by a company that purposely neglects its websites as part of its investment strategy, which makes this a dramatic story of a public company, lawsuits, and our once beloved site’s mismanagement. A tale that goes way back…

What are the FlyerTalk Awards?

The FlyerTalk Awards are one of two by big frequent-traveler communities to recognize frequent-flier programs. They join the long-standing Freddie Awards, now in their 28th year. The Freddies, the most high-profile of the awards for loyalty programs, are set to be unveiled later this month.

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