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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose fffluorolite?

Fluorolite makes kitchen fluorescent light fixture panels, kitchens under cabinet, ceiling light cover replacement, decorative cloud diffusers, LED or any other plastic fluorescent light diffuser panel. Provide replacement light covers for all solutions with 1000’s of choices.

What kind of light covers do you need for fluorescent lights?

Florescent light cover wraparound light covers for fluorescent and led light fixtures. Tube Guards available for most sizes T4 T8 T12. If you need tube dimmers and light diffusers.

What is the best place to get replacement light covers?

Fluorolite specializes in replacement plastic light covers for lighting fixtures. We replace old yellowed, broken and missing diffuser for all kind of light fixtures including street light refractors, flat sheets, globes, parabolic louvers, egg crates or any other ceiling light covers.

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