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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a math flipped classroom?

Flipped Classroom. The Flipped Classroom often allows more time for projects, application problems, or more labs in a science classroom. With the Flipped Classroom in a math classroom, students are busy doing math rather than passively sitting in their desks watching the teacher do the math on the SMART Board.

What is flipped classroom method?

The flipped classroom methodology is a form of blended learning that focuses on getting students to engage more with their learning material.

What is flipped mastery?

Flipped mastery In traditional schools, each topic in class receives a fixed amount of time for all students . Flipped mastery classrooms apply a mastery learning model that requires each student to master a topic before moving to the next one. Mastery learning was briefly popular in the 1920s, and was revived by Benjamin Bloom in 1968.

What is a math flip?

Flip (mathematics) In algebraic geometry, flips and flops are codimension-2 surgery operations arising in the minimal model program, given by blowing up along a relative canonical ring. In dimension 3 flips are used to construct minimal models, and any two birationally equivalent minimal models are connected by a sequence of flops.

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